Learners describe me as: energetic, enthusiastic, funny, sweet, kind, intelligent, empathetic, enthusiastic, interesting, friendly, patient, rigorous, earnest, humorous, good listener, good error correction & good scaffolding strategies.

I employed Graziela to create a large printed pamphlet for a targeted marketing project. Her work was fantastic, and she completed the job in a timely manner for a great price. The only hiccup was an issue with getting a non-standard sized product printed on a restricted budget, but the end result was key in the success of the project. My client was extremely impressed with her work. I would happily recommend her, and I intend to use her services again when the need arises.

-Bryan Walker

Graziela has a wonderful sense of design and a solid knowledge of social media/ design technology. She has taken our nonprofit from the dark ages of typed flyers and a clunky website to state-of-the-art visual perfection. She gives honest feedback when needed and works well with a team. She is very professional, and gets work done quickly and efficiently. She is a delight to work with. I cannot say enough positive about her.

-Bette Solomon

She has always followed through for me, and has been a large part of the creative process behind my website.
-Uwe Salwender

Graziela has worked successfully with many clients on projects ranging from creating public programs to developing sponsorship packages. She has the ability to work with everyone from executive-level staff to event interns to get the job done. In addition to her business relations skills, Graziela also possesses great skill in graphic design. She has produced everything from event postcards to websites and can turn around new projects in a flash!

-Rebecca Evans

Graziela was a pleasure to work with at Captain Marketing. She was a great project manager for a fast-growing web dev department. I would recommend her highly.

-Wendy Allen

I had the pleasure of training Graziela while working at Ricoh in the billing department. Graziela was a quick learner and really stepped up to plate. I enjoyed working with her and was happy to see that she became one of the team. Even though I left the company to spend time with my daughter, I always remembered working with Graziela. She always had a smile, always asked the right questions, and always liked to learn new things. She’s a great co-worker, a leader, and very personable. I highly recommend Graziela.

-Bill Kallay