New Facebook Newsfeed Controls

By: Graziela | 10 Jul 2015

Facebook recently added new features in order to control the content that shows up in your timeline news feed. In doing so, they entrusted a tiny little red crab to be the bringer of this great news. As a fellow crustacean of the social media marketing new order – I approve. However, there are few things you should know.

#1- You are only able to prioritize up to 30 friends and pages. Those of us with more than 30 friends will find this frustrating.

#2-Searching for who you want to prioritize will take take a while, so sit back and relax. The list can be sorted in alphabetical order but you have to scroll through your entire collection of friends and pages in order to designate them “see first”.

#3-There is no way to control your news feed if you are the admin for a page or group. This feature only applies to individual profiles.

#4-Crabby does not appear in all Facebook accounts yet, but you can still go to your News Feed Preferences to make changes.

To see the cute red crab tell you what to do, click here or watch the Vimeo video.

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